How do I scale a stubborn SVG embedded with the tag?

I have some SVG files that specifies width and height as well as viewbox like this:

but how to display them in the browser at a …

Pure SVG way to fit text to a box

Box size known. Text string length unknown. Fit text to box without ruining its aspect ratio.
After an evening of googling and reading the SVG spec, I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible without …

Angular and SVG filters

I came accross a strange behaviour when using SVG with AngularJS. I’m using the $routeProvider service to configure my routes. When I put this simple SVG in my templates, everything is fine:

Circular percent progress bar

I would like to have an percent circle indicator on my site:
In this case it’s showing 75%. How should this be done? I have the yellow circle in a image-file, but if it’s easier to, some how, do it …