Git: Pulling a rebased branch

Let me describe my situation:

Mr Blond and Mr Orange are working on branch A that branches out of the master branch on commit M1. Branch A has 2 commits: A1 and A2.

A1 – A2

git pull via PHP exec IIS

Easily the most difficult problem to diagnose that I have EVER experienced. I seem to be unable to call:

exec(‘call git pull’, $output);
The process hangs and tends to take IIS with it.

exec(‘call …

Where to find changes due to `git fetch`

I didn’t want to lose some information after a git pull, so I did a git fetch before. Where can I read the new modifications after a git fetch? I went to the FETCH_HEAD file, but there was nothing …

git rebase after pull

I typically use git pull –rebase if I’m working directly on master (which I try not to do anyway). In the event that I forgot to do a rebase and just did git pull, is there a way to undo that and …