Haskell: can’t use “map putStrLn”?

I have a list of strings, and tried this:

ls = [ “banana”, “mango”, “orange” ]

main = do
map PutStrLn list_of_strings
That didn’t work, and I can’t understand why.

ghc print-list.hs

How do I do logging in Haskell?

I’m attempting to use HSlogger to get some information about my program. So I add the following line to my function

import Data.Word
import qualified Data.ByteString as B
import qualified Data….

Haskell Monad bind operator confusion

Okay, so I am not a Haskell programmer, but I am absolutely intrigued by a lot of the ideas behind Haskell and am looking into learning it. But I’m stuck at square one: I can’t seem to wrap my head …