How is the java memory pool divided?

I’m currently monitoring a Java application with jconsole. The memory tab lets you choose between:

Heap Memory Usage
Non-Heap Memory Usage
Memory Pool “Eden Space”
Memory Pool “Survivor Space”
Memory …

What is ‘PermSize’ in Java?

I was going through the document in Java Memory Management and in that I came across PermSize which I couldn’t understand. The document says that it stores, “JVM stores its metadata”, but I couldn’t …

How to solve Memory Fragmentation

We’ve occasionally been getting problems whereby our long-running server processes (running on Windows Server 2003) have thrown an exception due to a memory allocation failure. Our suspicion is these …

Java default stack size

I understand that each thread has its own stack. Primitive types and references are kept on the stack, and that no object is kept on the stack. My questions are:
How much can a stack grow? (like with …