Maven alternate pom

Is there an argument when calling a maven build to specify an alternate file in place of the standard pom.xml file name?

Basically, I have a need to run the test goal of my maven build with a variety …

Should I upgrade to Maven 3?

Are there any compelling reasons for me to upgrade to Maven 3 immediately? Nothing stands out from the release notes.

Have you upgraded to Maven 3 yet? If so, what benefits did you see?

JAVA_HOME gets mangled by Maven

I’m retrofitting bunch of existing Java projects with unified Maven build. Since each project is mature and has established Ant based build all I’m using maven-antrun-plugin to execute existing build….

Maven dependency order

In my project there is a class implementing an interface. The interface comes from a dependency. I have another dependency that itself has a dependency on a jar that also contains the same interface, …