Lua read beginning of a string

(Keep in mind that this is my first question)
Hello, I am making an adventure game and I’m trying to make the user input a string and if the string starts with action then it will read the rest of the …

Concise description of the Lua vm?

I’ve skimmed Programming in Lua, I’ve looked at the Lua Reference.

However, they both tells me this function does this, but not how.

When reading SICP, I got this feeling of: “ah, here’s the …

TCL vs Lua – scripting a mmo server

I have a c++ server side project that I need to embed some sort of scripting into. It is part of an online MMO type of server. I have significant experience using TCL, and it seems like the natural …

Logical ‘or’ in Lua patterns?

Is it possible to achieve in Lua?

local noSlashEnding = string.gsub(“slash\\ending\\string\\”, “\\|/$”, “”)
— noSlashEnding should contain “slash\\ending\\string”

local noSlashEnding2 = string.gsub(…