Explain Python .join()

I’m pretty new to Python and am completely confused by .join() which I have read is the preferred method for concatenating strings.

I try:

strid = repr(595)
print array.array(‘c’, random.sample(…

Python: Add list to set?

Tested on Python 2.6 interpreter:

>>> a=set(‘abcde’)
>>> a
set([‘a’, ‘c’, ‘b’, ‘e’, ‘d’])
>>> l=[‘f’,’g’]
>>> l
[‘f’, ‘g’]
>>> a.add(l)
Traceback (most …

c# remove item from list

I have a list stored in resultlist as follows:

var resultlist = results.ToList();
It looks something like this

ID FirstName LastName
— ——— ——–
1 Bill Smith
2 John …