IntelliJ Organize Imports

Does IntelliJ have an Organize Imports feature similar to that in Eclipse?
What I have is a Java file with multiple classes missing their imports. Example:

package com.test;
public class Foo {

IntelliJ and Tomcat.. Howto..?

Using Netbeans, I develop sites with Tomcat as the local server to manage it.
In Netbeans it was “Install, write hit Run and it works”
How do I pull the same thing off in IntelliJ?

I can’t find step-…

IntelliJ Split Window Navigation

If I split the editor window (horizontal or vertical) into N tab groups, how do I switch/toggle from one tab group to another via the keyboard? If all of the tabs are in the same group you can switch …

Start two instances of IntelliJ IDE

Well my question is pretty simple, how do I start two instances of IntelliJ (community edition).
When I have one instance started and I try to start another one, all that happens is that my started …