Ignore newlines with diff

I’d like to ignore newlines when I compare c source files. For example I want following two codes are reported they are same.

// codeA
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

// codeB
int main(int argc, …

Aptana File Diff?

Does Aptana have a file diff tool? Given it’s a fairly standard dev requirement, I’m surprised there isn’t one embedded in the IDE already. Does anyone have a good solution to this?

I haven’t had …

Any visual diff in Linux console?

Many years ago I used d32 which was available for DOS and Linux.

Is a non-GUI visual diff available for Linux like this one?

Any others than Vim and Emacs (Vim and Emacs are too powerful 🙂 )

Track changes: svn + latex

In MS Word, there’s a nice feature called “track changes” that allows the program to track edits. This is useful when collaborating with others because you can enable various visualization modes …

(Vim)diff two subroutines in same file

Is it possible to diff or even vimdiff two almost similar subroutines which occur in the same file? If so, how?

I can think of copying the two subroutines in two separate files and then diff them, …