OCaml cons (::) operator?

In OCaml, is there a way to refer to the cons operator by itself?

For example, I can use (+) and ( * ) as int -> int -> int functions, but I cannot use (::) as a ‘a -> ‘a list -> ‘a list …

LISP cons in python

Is there an equivalent of cons in Python? (any version above 2.5)

If so, is it built in? Or do I need easy_install do get a module?

What does “my other car is a cdr” mean?

Can anyone well versed in lisp explain this joke to me?
I’ve done some reading on functional programming languages and know that CAR/CDR mean Contents of Address/Decrement Register but I still don’t …

How does “Cons” work in Lisp?

I was studying Lisp and I am not experienced in Lisp programming. In a part of my studies I encountered the below examples:

> (cons ‘a ‘(a b)) —-> (A A B)
> (cons ‘(a b) ‘a) —-> ((A …

Unexpected output with cons()

I am from an imperative background but these days trying my hands on LISP (Common LISP)

I read here about cons that
(cons x L):
Given a LISP object x and a list L, evaluating (cons x L) …