Mono on the iPhone?

Has Mono been ported to the iPhone yet? I’d love to write .NET apps for the iPhone, and learning Objective C isn’t an option for me.

Returning table with CLR

I want to write an CLR procedure which takes a text and returns a table with all the words in this text. But I can’t figure out how to return a table. Could you please tell me it?

Where does .NET place the String value?

I am using SOS debug extension dll to check the memory layout of a String type. And below is the result.


ESP/REG Object Name

0015EFC0 01c6b9cc System.String hello,world
!do 01c6b9cc

Is there a CLR that runs on the CLR?

I was wondering if there was a .NET-compatible CLR that was implemented using the CLI (common language infrastructure), e.g., using .NET itself, or at least if there were any resources that would help …