Unicoin mining and canvas clicking

I’d really like to automate unicoin mining so that it can go on in the background while I’m doing important things like answering questions on stackoverflow. I notice that there is a canvas#uc-…

Canvas Tutorial / Reference

Can somebody please refer me to a comprehensive tutorial on Canvas which covers all properties / functions?

I also need a definite reference on Canvas – something like w3schools

HTML5 Canvas and Anti-aliasing

How to turn on the anti-aliasing on an canvas.

The following code doesn’t draw a smooth line:

var context = mainCanv.getContext(“2d”);
if (context) {

Why is putImageData so slow?

I am working with a relatively large Canvas where various (complex) stuff is drawn to. I then want to save the Canvas’ state, so I can quickly reset it to the state it now is at a later point. I use …

html5 canvas strokeStyle?

I am trying to map an image to a “3d” grid that simulates cloth using strokeStyle and canvas, i have the image included but it is currently acting as a background image and not actually flowing with …