show strings in compiled binary

Lets suppose I have simple C program and I compile it with gcc -o hello hello.c:


Now I want to display “strings” with the strings utility:

$ …

scrypt C library

I’m currently developing a C app in which I’ll need to hash user’s passwords. I know scrypt is currently one of the best methods to “hash” passwords (memory-bound, slow), but I can’t seem to find a …

glGenBuffers not defined?

I’m using windows and I notice that a lot of functions are grayed out because I guess #ifdef GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES is not defined. One of these is the VBO extension. Should I just define …

C Main Loop without 100% cpu


int main() {
while(!DONE) {
/* check for stuff */
return 0;
The above code sample uses 100% cpu until DONE is true. How can I implement a program that loops …