Simplest way to sum two Lists in Scala?

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Question Description

I have two lists, I want to sum each element in list A with the element in list B, producing a new list.

I can do it with:

List(1,2).zip(List(5,5)).map(t => t._1 + t._2)

Is there any simpler or neater way to do this in Scala?

In Clojure I can just do:

(map + [1 2 3] [4 5 6])

Practice As Follows

For two lists:

(List(1,2), List(5,5)) + _)

For three lists:

(List(1,2), List(5,5), List(9, 4)) + _ + _)

For n lists:

List(List(1, 2), List(5, 5), List(9, 4), List(6, 3))

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