rerendering events in fullCalendar after Ajax database update

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I am trying to have fullCalendar reflect changes made to a database via AJAX. The problem is that it won’t update the calendar on screen after a successful AJAX call.

    type: "POST",
    url: "eventEditXHR.php",
    data: {
       //the data
    success: function(text) {

I’m I using the wrong method? What would be the best way to accomplish this without having to reload the whole page? Thanks for any input!

Practice As Follows

There are several ways. Some less elegant.

1. If you are using FullCalendar to grab json events:

$('#calendar').fullCalendar({ events: "json-events.php",    });

Just do:

$('#calendar').fullCalendar( 'refetchEvents' );

If you want outside method to fetch events you could do. Not elegant but will work

$('#calendar').fullCalendar( 'removeEventSource', source )
$('#calendar').fullCalendar( 'addEventSource', source )

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