Loop through an array in JavaScript

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In Java you can use a for loop to traverse objects in an array as follows:

String[] myStringArray = {"Hello", "World"};
for (String s : myStringArray)
    // Do something

Can you do the same in JavaScript?

Practice As Follows

Use a sequential for loop:

var myStringArray = ["Hello","World"];
var arrayLength = myStringArray.length;
for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) {
    //Do something

@zipcodeman suggests the use of the for...in statement, but for iterating arrays for-in should be avoided, that statement is meant to enumerate object properties.

It shouldn't be used for array-like objects because:

  • The order of iteration is not guaranteed, the array indexes may not be visited in numeric order.
  • Inherited properties are also enumerated.

The second point is that it can give you a lot of problems, for example, if you extend the Array.prototype object to include a method there, that property will be also enumerated.

For example:

Array.prototype.foo = "foo!";
var array = ['a', 'b', 'c'];

for (var i in array) {

The above code will alert, "a", "b", "c" and "foo!".

That be particularly a problem if you use some library that relies heavily on native prototypes augmention (such as MooTools for example).

The for-in statement as I said before is there to enumerate object properties, for example:

var obj = {
  "a": 1,
  "b": 2,
  "c": 3

for (var prop in obj) {
  if (obj.hasOwnProperty(prop)) { 
  // or if (Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call(obj,prop)) for safety...
    alert("prop: " + prop + " value: " + obj[prop])

In the above example the hasOwnProperty method allows you to enumerate only own properties, that's it, only the properties that the object physically has, no inherited properties.

I would recommend you to read the following article:

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