Hyperledger fabcar sample fabric showing connect failed ERROR

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Question Description

I am trying to install hyperledger and run chain code. I followed all the steps as directed here. But getting error

error: [client-utils.js]: sendPeersProposal – Promise is rejected: Error: Connect Failed

while running the query.js.
enter image description hereI have following active docker runningenter image description here
Before running the node query.js, when i am running npm install its giving following warning :
npm WARN [email protected] No repository field. Is this the problem. Can any one please help me out about where it is going wrong.

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Addition to Angela’s answer:

To anyone having this issue and using Docker Toolbox, do docker-machine ls and copy the IP adress at the URL column of your ACTIVE machine and paste the IP adress to every localhost in both query.js and invoke.js files.

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