How to send your .apk Glass Application for your client to see?

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I’m jumping head first into Android for Google Glass development and I’d like to know how I can let my client see the .apk that I’m working on.

My client owns a pair of Google Glass too but lives far away.

So far, the only way I have been able to upload to Glass is using ADT, Run As -> Android Application when my Glass is connected by USB.

How can I put the Glassware (apk) up online so he can “load it up” into his glass remotely? Or deploy it to his glass?

I read Send the .apk file to client for review but it’s more related to Android devices, whereas my client uses Google Glass and doesn’t have debug mode on (I can ask him to turn it on though) and won’t root his device.

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You might want to have your customer use ChromeADB — you can see it here:

From the comments it looks like other people are using this for similar situations.

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