Fastest Javascript Charting Library

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There are a ton of Javascript charting libraries out there. Here are a few that I have used or researched recently:

  • highstock.js (and highcharts.js)
  • recline.js
  • rickshaw.js
  • graphael
  • infovis

There are many more examples of really cool things you can do with data visualization at as well.

In my experience you can hit limits with these libraries (highstock in particular) where your browser’s performance is really badly hindered based on the number of points you want to show on a chart and the number of charts you want on a given page. In this instance I am specifically talking about line charts, but I assume the same is true of other types. Does anyone have experience with the performance of different javascript charting libraries with large data sets and large numbers of charts on a given page?

Practice As Follows

jqChart is optimized for handling a large set of data.

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