Entity Framework: How to detect external changes to database

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Question Description

I have a stored procedure that changes lots of data in the database. This stored procedure is called from the application that at the same time uses EF for data operations.

So I click a button, stored procedure is run at the database, data is changed and EF shows old data to the user.

Is there a way to force the DbContext or ObjectContext to refresh data from database? ObjectContext.Refresh() may be the solution but I do not want to call this method for every single table that may be changed. I want all the tables to be refreshed in one move.

I am using Entity Framework 5, targeting .NET 4.0

EDIT: Added data is available but modification on existing data is not reflected by EF. I see the newly added records but I cannot see the changes I made to existing records.

Practice As Follows

Your DbContext should be short-lived. Create it, run your query, and dispose it.

using (var context = new MyProject.DbContext())
    // run your query here

Don’t keep your context around. That way you won’t have any issues with old data.

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