Concise description of the Lua vm?

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I’ve skimmed Programming in Lua, I’ve looked at the Lua Reference.

However, they both tells me this function does this, but not how.

When reading SICP, I got this feeling of: “ah, here’s the computational model underlying scheme”; I’m trying to get the same sense concerning Lua — i.e. a concise description of it’s vm, a “how” rather than a “what”.

Does anyone know of a good document (besides the C source) describing this?

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You might want to read the No-Frills Intro to Lua 5(.1) VM Instructions (pick a link, click on the Docs tab, choose English -> Go).

I don’t remember exactly where I’ve seen it, but I remember reading that Lua’s authors specifically discourage end-users from getting into too much detail on the VM; I think they want it to be as much of an implementation detail as possible.


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