Adding the “ok glass contextual voice menu” within an immersion activity

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Is there a way to insert the “ok, glass” trigger into an immersion activity on Glass? I want to make the launch of my application as seamless and quick as possible. Making an immersion application seemed to be the way but I can not find a way to bring up the “ok, glass” footer trigger within my activity to launch my application menu to be navigated hands free. Any clue as to how this works?

Note: I have a voice trigger to launch the app from the Glass home screen.

I’m not creating a card but rather just using an XML layout as I’m changing text on the screen dynamically to user interaction using an AsyncTask. Any advice would be great.

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Contextual voice commands are not yet supported by the platform, feel free to file a feature request in our issues tracker.

UPDATE: as mentioned in the comments and the other answer, contextual voice commands are now part of the platform for Immersion:

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